Top 7 arguments skeptics use to disprove paranormal phenomena


Over the decades the debate over the reality of what many call “paranormal phenomena” has been a vicious and often heated exchange between Believers and Skeptics.  While Believers believe what they believe for a number of reasons many prominent Skeptics have made very valid and insightful arguments against those who, for whatever reason, choose to believe in what Skeptics are positively sure is nothing but flim-flammery, whim-whammery, hoodoo, voodoo,woowoo. These are just some of the most commonly heard arguments that Skeptics make while arguing against paranormal phenomena and those who choose to believe in it.

7. People are dumbheads.

6. People are stupid.

5. People don’t understand science because they’re dumb.

4. People are morons who don’t understand how to think correctly.

3. People believe stupid bullshit things that aren’t real because they don’t understand science, but I do.

2. Paranormal Phenomena isn’t real because science and I can do magic tricks. Get off my lawn.

1. People are stupid morons who don’t understand science and paranormal phenomena and if you believe in any of it your a big dumbhead because none of it is real.

*The quotes above are not exact but we are sure they’ve been said a number of times by skeptics while stroking off each others great big beautiful brains.