The 5 Most Cursed Movies of All Time


There are numerous tales about haunted or cursed movies but most of those lists just regurgitate the same films over and over. Now, finally WeirdClicks! has put together a new list of the most haunted/cursed films in history!

titanicJames Cameron’s Titanic is one of the highest grossing films in history but it’s also one of the most deadly movies ever made. Near the end of the film thousands of people, including mega-movie star Leonardo DiCaprio can bee seen drowning, to death, in an icy ocean. Adding to the weird cursed nature of the film;  a real ship called The Titanic, (Almost the exact name of Cameron’s film), sank in the Atlantic Ocean killing hundreds of people.

lotrKing Kong Director Peter Jackson planned on making a series of 66 movies based on the fantasy book The Hobbit. For unknown reasons, some suspect Satanic influences, Jackson was only able to make six films. Film Scholars and baristas have pointed out that if you place the 6, from the completed 6 films, at the end of 66, the original amount to be made, you get 666. The are also 17 letters in The Lord of The Rings and if you minus 1-7=6. If you add that to the other 3 sixes you get 6666 which is one more 6 worse than 666.

starbeastThe screenplay for Operation: Starbeast has floated around Hollywood for more than three decades and it seems will never be made. Written by Bruce Willis the film is an extension of Willis’ musical character Bruno, but with 1/3 of an ape face. It is rumored that Willis has on many occasions made pacts with demons which accounts for his success and fame when he should have neither.

jackEveryone knows the story about this one.
R.I.P. Adam Sandler.

casaUnquestionably the most cursed film of all time is a movie entitled Casablanca. The amount of strange circumstances surrounding the film is almost unbelievable.
The lead actor and actress are both dead. The 8 top-billed actors in the movie are also dead. According to recent reports 98% of the crew who worked on the film are dead. Even the studio executives who allowed the film to be put into production are dead. It has been theorized that every person who watches this film will eventually die. Creepy. Watch at your own risk!