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Let’s get real here everything these days is a cash grab. Get in and get out before someone figures out what kind of shit you’re trying to pull. Well, we’re no different. WeirdClicks! is the perfect way to convince your boss or manager that you’ve been doing something all day. Send us an email and some money, we put up an ad for your product or business and boom!, you don’t have to do anything else except wait for the the new customers and cash to roll in. Here are some stats about our site you can use to manipulate whoever is in charge of the advertising budget.


900+ Billion unique page views, eventually.

50% of our viewers are 10-94 years old
Source: Discussing Analytics with friends at Denny’s

60% of our traffic is mobile, and growing
Source: We Think This Sounds Good Inc.

75% of our traffic comes from social sources
Source: Richard


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