About WC!

  • WeirdClicks! is a bizarre social entertainment company.
  • WeirdClicks! is redefining social, content-driven clicking technology.
  • WeirdClicks! provides the weirdest, funniest shareable nonsense, hoodoo, entertainment, and video across the internet to its galactic audience of more than 600 Trillion.


Our Staff
Our staff consists of some of the most renown figures in the paranormal, conspiratorial, metaphysical community.

  • Joey Helnnent – Ghost Hunter/Author/TV Personality/Surfer/Techno-King
  • Christopher St. Christopher – Psychic/Medium/Reverend/Demonologist/Contactee
  • Dr. Prof. Leo Elmer – Skeptic/Author/Comedian/Lover of Cheese
  • Alan Smithee – Film/TV Critic/Noted Foodie/Hater of Cheese

We also accept contributions from our readers and sometimes we steal stuff from other websites; we’ll let you know when either of those things happen.

WeirdClicks! is an entertainment site and even though it’s not all that entertaining we’ve still written that we are in case anyone thinks we aren’t.