7 Best Alien Costumes for Halloween 2015


We at WeirdClicks! love Halloween and we know you love it too. We love aliens almost as much as Halloween and we love seeing people dressed as aliens almost as much as aliens and Halloween added together… try and do the math on that one.  Since Halloween is coming and everyone loves aliens here are the 7 best alien / extraterrestrial costumes available!

ETE.T. The Extraterrestrial: Mostly unrecognizable to anyone under the age of 25. Good for “finger” jokes

cos5Floogy: The green alien everyone saw before everyone went colorblind and said he was gray.

cos4 The Roswell Alien: Perfect silver-suited gray alien that millions of people have seen but no one can get a clear f*cking photo of.

cos3 Honkler the Nightmare: He looks cute but those aren’t ears they’re suction cups to suck your guts out while you sleep.

cos2Rosco: Another Roswell alien… but this one was supposed to be left out in the endless void of interstellar space.

cos6 Khillu: She is a loveable alien from Epsilon Bootes who want to hug you and shove her blade arms into your heart. Aliens from Epsilon Bootes eat hearts.

Howard MengerHoward Menger: Famous American Contactee from the 1950’s. Howard hung out with Venusians so much he eventually became one. This wife was also from Venus…MY WIFE!