6 Presidents Who were Abducted by Aliens


A number of U.S. Presidents have seen, and spoken about seeing, UFOs but there are also those Presidents who were actually taken on-board the enigmatic saucers and have never spoken about it. Here is the first comprehensive list of American Presidents who were abducted by aliens from outer space.

bushGeorge H.W. Bush: Taken by Greys to Nibiru in 1973

arthurChester A. Arthur: Yearly trips to the interior city of Mars

tylerJohn Tyler: Mother was from Sirius, went back to visit her about twice a year.

taftWilliam Howard Taft: Visited Mars, Venus and Mercury as a baby in 1858 with Pleiadians.

vanburenMartin Van Buren: Abducted by Reptilians from Xontor 16x in 1825

mckinleyWilliam McKinley: Abducted by Venusians in 1899