5 Undeniable Photos of Machines on the Moon


From time immemorial humankind has looked at the moon and wondered what secrets it held. There are many who believe unusual and preposterous ideas about our little glowing satellite but now it can be revealed that some of those usual ideas have been proven correct! For anyone who says, “There is no life on the moon” we present these undeniable photos of machinery which is located on the surface of the moon.

moon1This anomalous machine looks to be some kind of advanced death-laser.

moon2It is obvious that this foot massage machine is used by someone who has feet.

moon3A partial photo of what seems to be a mechanical straw and gold-dipped pancake.

moon4This tripod could have only been built by someone with access to Sherwin Williams paint sample swatches.

moon5Some people say they see what looks to be a car-type of machine but we have concluded that this is a doughnut producing machine of advanced technology.