5 Predictions for August 2015 by Christopher St. Christopher


My predictions may seem strange; this is because they are the direct images and happenings of my dreams and my interpretation of them. I have never thought that I will be 100% correct in my predictions due to the difficulty in interpreting dreams as well as the changing influences of the predictions themselves, but I’m sure you will find many amazing and startling insights. – Christopher St. Christopher

The Dreams:

1: A giant hotdog is being chased down the street by Arnold, the pig, from Green Acres. Arnold is wearing a cowboy hat and only has three legs.

2: A bowl, full of multi-colored marbles, smashes in the middle of America and four men, all dressed as nuns, begin singing “A Whole New World” from the Disney cartoon Aladdin.

3: There is a tree house full of dancing potatoes and standing guard over the tree house is a piece of lasagna named “Fredrick.” Just as one of the potatoes jumps from ledge of the tree house the giant hotdog shows up and beats up Jeff Bridges.

4: While the hotdog fights Jeff Bridges a mouse sneaks into the tree house and turns all the lights on. Sitting in the corner of the room is Maury Povitch.

5:  Simon Cowell is caught stealing a gorilla from the back of a semi-truck. He escapes in a helicopter but crashes into the side of a mountain made out of Converse high-tops. The gorilla is the only survivor.


1: The meat industry will be rocked as contaminated pork supplies sicken people across the country. The main source of the contaminated meat will be located in Texas.

2: Gay marriage will be celebrated across the United States. A branch of the Catholic church will split from Rome and begin performing same-sex marriages.

3. Ireland will be shocked to find that one of it’s most beloved performers is actually an Italian murderer. The information will be revealed during a documentary at the Cannes Film Festival.

4: Maury Povitch will be found dead. Connie Chung will be seen celebrating at a picnic.

5: It is revealed that a majority of “reality” TV shows are completely fake. Sponsors refuse to be involved with the shows and they are replaced with traditional sitcoms.


About Christopher St. Christopher:
Christopher St. Christopher was born in Lincoln, Michigan. He attended Oakland University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. After 10 years of professional counseling he returned to North Michigan Eastern State University in Detroit and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Psycho-Neurology.
Due to the unconventional nature of his predictive writings he has been voted “Worst Psychic Ever” by numerous organizations over the past 20 years. Christopher has appeared on various television and radio shows and has acted as a consultant on such programs as “The Psychic Law,” “Psychic People’s Court,” “Paranormal Adventure World,” “Most Haunted Places in the Universe,” and “Kelly and Company.”
Recognized throughout the world for his startling predictions Christopher has been sought out by numerous Fortune 5,000 companies to determine future financial policies and has worked  as a consultant to various world government agencies, it is for this reason that much of Christopher’s life is shrouded in secrecy.
He currently resides in Detroit, Michigan. His facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/CStChristopher