5 Best Television Shows Starring Bigfoot


You love Mountain Monsters, and Finding Bigfoot but before all that crap there was this crap*. Most people won’t remember these shows but like much like trying to see Sasquatch all you really have to do is look and believe! Bigfoot is a fan favorite and this brief tour of Sasquatch shows… shows it.

Harry and The Hendersons:
A loveable family and a loveable Sasqutch, so loveable.

Alan Bigfoot M.D.:
Short lived medical drama about a non-human doctor solving medical mysteries. The inspiration for the TV show House.

Bigfoot and Wildboy:
A Saturday morning kid’s show about the nature of a misunderstood love.

Squatcho & Pancho:
The old west. Squatcho once shot a man just for snoring

Tyler Perry’s Meet the Feet:
There is money in making a show about a giant beast and Tyler Perry knows it.


* Mountain Monsters and Finding Bigfoot are not crap they are just like any other TV show; deep, innovative, artistic creations of a unexplainable Universe.