4 Creatures on Mars that look like rocks!


When NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on Mars in 2012 no one expected to see photos of aliens much less aliens that have the ability to disguise themselves as ordinary rocks. These photos, taken directly from NASA may seem to startling to believe but they are most assuredly proof of highly advanced creatures who live on the mysterious “red planet”.

familyThis family of turtle-sized aliens has evolved to match the surrounding environment.

monkeyboyWhat many are calling the “Flat Monkey of Mars” lacks a body but due to its flatness can hide against natural rock formations.

opposumsThese two creatures playing a game of tag were caught on camera and immediately became motionless, for months.

otherThe most commonly observed Martian creatures are what NASA scientists call “Ejecta” and can be found swarming around meteor craters.

Images courtesy of NASA Mars Science Laboratory