4 Best Things about The Conjuring 2

4 Best things about The Conjuring 2

As the sequel to The Conjuring, intelligently called The Conjuring 2, sweeps across the world killing and possessing people, in countries which have difficult to verify stories about people being killed and possessed, we at WeirdClicks! though we should take a moment and look at four of the best things about this horrible movie.

Getting a paycheck.1. Actor Bob Adrian got a paycheck. Honestly, Bob really hadn’t done anything in about four years and his last film was a low-budget straight to video movie with Ad Asner. Congrats Bob!

Nuns are scary!2. Nuns are obviously still scaring people.  With the decrease in people world-wide attending Catholic Church and self-recognizing as Catholics it’s nice to know that you just need to throw an old lady in a nun’s habit and people will lose their shit. Good work Catholics!

David Soul3. People are maybe discovering the magic that is David Soul? This one is questionable but hopefully all those Starsky and Hutch posters seen in the background will lead America, and the world, back into the loving arms of David Soul. Stay Strong David!

James Wan4. The way James Wan can completely just make stuff up with no regard for any real history, say it’s based on a true story, make up a story, bury it in terrible special effects, top it with a sloppy, choppy script and people will go bonkers over it. Mr. Wan has the magic power to make us forget what genuine, decent story-telling is all about. He’s like a guy that won’t stop snapping you with a rolled up, wet towel so eventually you give in and laugh about it.   We tip our hat to you Mr. Wan you have figured out how dumb we are, take our money.