The 3 Most Awesome Bigfoot Halloween Costumes

Bigfoot Halloween Costumes

Well, Halloween is right around the corner and nothing says “Trick or Treat” better than dressing up like a giant mysterious ape-creature. Although non-blurry photographs of Bigfoot are impossible to find it is not impossible to find Halloween costumes which are far scarier than the actual ancient giant. We’ve scoured the internet and are finally able to bring you the three most awesome, scary, Bigfoot costumes currently available. Enjoy.


This dude stinks…and he knows it. This is the Bigfoot everyone is talking about when they say, “I smelled it”. Sad and lonely this Skunk Ape costume is perfect for the cryptozoologist who spends all day in the forest in the hot sun. Your own body-odor will only add to the realism.


This guy is has spend his life in the snow, and when we say “snow” we mean cocaine. The most likely reason no one has seen this Yeti is because he is in the bathroom doing lines with the Sherpas.


Is it really a coincidence that Bigfoot became really well-known in the early 1970’s? Most people don’t know this but Bigfoot, at least this one, is a straight-up porno star. I mean, look at that mustache, those eyebrows, those “come hither” eyes. We’re pretty sure this guy has more than just big feet.