1980’s Musical Artists that were Probably Aliens


For people who grew up in the 1980’s none of this will be a surprise. New Wave music was taken over by aliens early in 1980 and radio waves were saturated in mind-controlling beats and brain-boiling synth tones. The struggle is real, and it continues. They are here, they have keyboards, there is no escape.

afterthefireAfter the Fire
Hit Song: Der kommissar
Planet of Origin: Haircury

Hit Song: Living on the ceiling
Planet of Origin: Synthopolis

Hit Song: Too Shy
Planet of Origin: Dyepitur

korgisThe Korgis
Hit Song: Everybody’s got to learn sometime
Planet of Origin: Future Earth

waitressesThe Waitresses
Hit Song: I know what boys like
Planet of Origin: Venus

Hit Song: Look of Love
Planet of Origin: Fabulous

flockFlock of Seagulls
Hit Song: Space Age Love Song
Planet of Origin: England

hojoHoward Jones
Hit Song: No one is to bame
Planet of Origin: Keyboardistan

wangWang Chung
Hit Song: Wang Chung tonight
Planet of Origin: Wang Chung

Hit Song: Puttin on the Ritz
Planet of Origin: Nightmares