10 Things I learned being a Paranormal Investigator: Reader Submitted


When I started paranormal investigating I admit I didn’t know alot. I watch Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures and pretty soon I formed a team with my friends and we started investigating. I’ve learned alot in the 7 years since I started and so I thought I’d share some of the things I learned so that other people can get a better start then the ones I had. Good Luck I hope these help and good ghost hunting. – ParaNathan, Founder of S.L.I.M.E.R. Paranormal of Arizona

10.  First of all you don’t need school. Get out there and get some experience. The liberal-controlled educational system will just fill your head with hypnotizing brainwashing. Don’t learn it, live it.

9. If a ghosts are around then they can make your flashlight go on or off if you ask them.

8. Demons are real and so you should have a protection necklace or bracelet something that protects you THIS IS IMPORTANT! Demons are no joke!

7. You’ll need alot of batterys, Dollar Tree has batterys and everything in Dollar Tree is a dollar.

6.  Don’t use ouija boards unless you want to be possessed by a demon.  See what I wrote for number 8.

5. Dogs and cats and animals can see and hear ghosts & demons.

4. People think orbs are dust but sometimes ghosts are orbs.

3.  Learn to hunt ghosts using science like emf meters and  all spectrum cameras.

2. Cafepress.com is expensive if you need t-shirts go somewhere else.

1. Wix makes good looking websites for free.

Specail Thanks to: Zach Bagans Aron Goodwin Nick Groff, Ghost Hunters Dead Files Haunted Collector and Paranormal State.

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