10 Rappers Who’ve Never Seen a Chupacabra


The legendary Chupacabra, (Goat-Sucker) is a creature which has stricken fear into the hearts of people all over South and North America. Many people believe that the creature is simply a dog with the mange, while others think it may be an extraterrestrial. One thing we know for sure is that thousands of people have claimed to see the creature but almost none of them have been rap-stars. To prove this point we’ve compiled 10 famous rap-stars who haven’t seen the Chupacabra. Is it a coincidence that so many rappers have never claimed to see the creature?  You be the judge.

10. Big Sean9bigsean

9. Notorious B.I.G.3big

8. Bow Wow1bow

7. Snoop Dogg2sno

6. Ice Cube4ice

5.  Easy-E8easy

4. Lil John5lil

3. Kanye West6west

2. Big Daddy Kane7kane

1. Tupac Shakur10tupac